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Imleria badia found her birthplace Photograph by Vaclav Sonnek

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Imleria badia is squatting in the undergrowth.  by Vaclav Sonnek
Perfect demonstration czech mushroom in Beskydy mountains in heart of Europe. This beauty called Imleria Badia and is hidden under needles. Bay bolete is delicious and is one of most popular. by Vaclav Sonnek
Cute Imleria badia hidden in green vegetation. Bay bolete settled in the middle magical moss to have peace for grow up. Unfortunately someone came and bite piece cap of mushroom. wet and sticky cap by Vaclav Sonnek
Tiny brown mushroom Imleria badia hidden in the middle of forest moss and needle and show us only brown cap. He is so shy. Mushrooms season. Very small bay bolete with oozy hat by Vaclav Sonnek
Hard founded brown mushroom called Imleria badia or bay bolete in forest. Viscipellis badia was founded between old leaves, needle and branches. Bay bolete has wonderful slimy cap by Vaclav Sonnek
Boletus pinophilus has found a place in beautiful green moss by Vaclav Sonnek
Boletus badius hidden in spruce forest in Beskydy, czech republic. Brown cap and slightly yellowish stem. Imleria badia located in spruce thicket. Starts mushrooming season by Vaclav Sonnek
family of beautiful Boletus edulis found among grass and needles in a beautiful spruce forest. Penny bun or Porcino found in family circle. Father with three sons. Mushroom gathering by Vaclav Sonnek
Boletus edulis founded in green moss with needles and fall down some sun beams. Penny bun has beautiful brown cap and white-brown stem. Mucous and oozy cap by Vaclav Sonnek
Boletus pinophilus at sunset is located between the needles and the leaves colored red. Beautiful brown hat and white leg. Edible mushroom near spruce by Vaclav Sonnek
Drops of water on a tiny blade of grass #2 by Vaclav Sonnek
Beautiful white-brown Boletus pinophilus placed between needles and withered twigs. Penny bun in a beautiful dark environment. by Vaclav Sonnek
Boletus edulis grows in a beautiful grassy environment. Porcino sponge hidden from view. Brown hat, white leg. Ideal time to harvest. Mushroom games. Collecting mushrooms by Vaclav Sonnek
Very rare species of bolete mushroom - Boletus aereus. Hidden in the wet grass. Bronze hurts on a meadow in a dark spruce forest. Edible and juicy mushroom #1 by Vaclav Sonnek
Xerocomus subtomentosus in a beautiful barley fungus. Rooted in deciduous vegetation. Autumn atmosphere. Brown and yellow ache between needles by Vaclav Sonnek
Yellow-cracked bolete covered with withered twigs growing tall. Xerocomus subtomentosus is situated between needles and leaves in the morning light by Vaclav Sonnek
Beautiful Boletus edulis is nestled among the needles near the spruces. The penny bun is surrounded by waterlogged soil and is irradiated by the sun's rays by Vaclav Sonnek
Lonely Boletus edulis in beautiful wet grass in the sunshine. A healthy leg and a healthy brown hat predetermine a delicious dinner. Cep, penny bun, porcino same fungus by Vaclav Sonnek
Drops of water on a tiny blade of grass by Vaclav Sonnek

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Johanna Zettler

Johanna Zettler

Very pretty photo.

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Imleria badia found her birthplace by Vaclav Sonnek
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